Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Business Card

New Look

After many attempts and MANY changes...the new business cards, return address labels and round stickies have been ordered.

Managed to keep my original font...well's ME!

Kept the eggplant purple...well was the first colour I had thought of when I envisioned Enchanted Pathways. Which really is quite odd as I have never growing up liked that colour or any shade of purple for that matter.

Business cards are represented with abstract flowers and petals...which I thought was appropriate.

Back of business cards has all the different ways I can be contacted which include email; Facebook; website (under construction); blog (here); Twitter and Etsy (store front under construction).

That only took me like 3 weeks to decide on.

Think it's time to go and play with petal faeries now :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

New New New New and New

Well after a lot of consultation...the decision has been made.

New company colours - eggplant purple and citrus green

New company logo - in the works...I will keep the original font as it is my favourite

New business cards and address labels are in the process of final prep work

New website will be on it's way soon...

New Etsy store front will be open early March....

I have sooooooo much to do!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

We have a dragon amongst the faeries!

Well...this is the first of hopefully many more to come. As always there is a massive learning curve when following a pattern and how to make it your own.

This little guy is supposed to have legs and arms...but I like the almost seahorse design he ended up to be or maybe he's a distant relative to Ogopogo!! I love the spikes going from the top of his head down the back of his spine. The nose shape is definitely seahorse though.

The pattern only called for one stuffing area...this will be changed as it was too difficult to get the stuffing all the way to the tip of the tail without ripping the fabric. I think the tail is way too long (but then if I had another space open to stuff I might not have been so frustrated). I love the fabric I chose but it did have a little bit of stretch to it which did become iffy when I had to turn him inside out. I will definitely look for just straight cottons for the next one.

The sewing on of the wings will take some work. The pattern called for them to just be glued on which I for sure do not agree with.

I originally had him without eyes but the hubby said he needed eyes. With the colour of the fabric I was hoping that the clear orange eyes would somewhat show up better than pure black ones. If these little guys are to be sold though, I will have to actually stitch eyes using my cross-stitch floss otherwise he will need to have a disclaimer warning for small parts for children.

For a first attempt...I like him :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Meet Sharin - Mascot for Enchanted Pathways

This wee little faerie was given to me from a lady in San Francisco. She sent me a note that went something like this....

"is the little gal settled in with you? she lived with me for about 20 years.....when you connected with me the second time - she said she wanted to go to the Fort Smith Fairy Clan - and off she went!"

To have a stranger share such a precious gift shows me that people do believe. They believe not only in faeries but also in generosity, love and compassion. In return I have made a Petal Faerie for Sharin out of the flower petals I had purchased from her. I hope that my little faerie will bring her as much happiness as her faerie has brought me.

The last batch of the "Bottom's Up" faeries

Well these little faeries were full of whimsical colours both bold and pastels. And we discovered hair! To think that I have this full rubbermaid of yarn that I purchased just for hair....and I have never used any! Why do faeries have to be so human like? Well they don't and they certainly are NOT human. So here they all of their splendour :)