Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blog Background...

After too many to count tries....I absolutely LOVE my new blog background from Schonee. It is like the icing on the cake...the best part :)

They were left alone....

Yes, I will take full blame for this one as I had to leave the nursery for a few days. But but but, in my own defence...I did make sure that Sapphire the Pixie lock the faerie dust cabinet so I knew that wouldn't be a problem....I asked Faerie Mia to look after all of the flower petals.....I asked Fae Bella to look after the beads....and I asked Pixie Jinx to look after the paint. I figured I had pretty well everything covered. NOPE! I had forgotten about the yarn buckets! At least they kept the mess centralized except for the odd ball or two that managed to roll off of the table. And yes, if you look close enough...that is me, Faerie Amma right in the middle!!


Ella the Sprite
Fae Bella

Benny the Buttery Sprite
Faerie Cabela

Faerie Nettle
Faerie Mia

Mouse the Ashray Faerie
Nipper the Clurichaun

Missy May of the Moss People 
Pixie Grace

Pixie Bess
Pixie Ivy

Pixie Jinx
Ros of the Moss People 

Sprite Enwedhan
Pixie Sunburst

Sprite SugarPlum
Pixie Heather

Sapphire the Pixie 
Faerie Amma

Monday, February 18, 2013

Blog Updates!

No, really....this posting is about all of the new blog site updates :)

I was introduced to a wonderful new concept for sharing other people's websites and what I like the most about them. I would like to thank Taby from T & D Designs for her approval to 'copy' her idea that I have now incorporated this idea into my blog. Please check out my new page.... Favourite Websites 

A new overall look and feel to the page is a work in progress. I have Schonee working her fingers to the bone keeping up with all of my requests. Please make sure you check out her awesome graphic design work on her Etsy page at.....Siren's Designs

I have added a new page for my Faerie Nursery Website to introduce everyone to a preview of the creations that I make. I have diversified my products over 7 e-commerce websites including.... Etsy Artfire, Zibbet, Craft Cafe, Storevny and Zyabia (who unfortunately will be closing shop soon). As I have made my website the hub if you don't have time to visit each and every site you can view everything on my website. Please remember that all of my faeries and faerie products are unique and one-of-a-kind and are not mass produced or featured on more than one website.

Another new tab that you can see across the top is the introduction to the Clay Potters. This is a new adventure for me and will hopefully come to fruition in the form of a book! Follow along and enjoy the antics of what misadventures the faeries get into.

Faerie Amma

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Appointment?

Well after almost a week of giggling and whispering it seems that the faeries here at the nursery have made a wonderful decision.

Due to my constant complaining (I know, how can you complain when you spend your days working with faeries?? TRUST ME!!) the faeries decided to have a meeting. Now this is truly a very big deal. Faeries shall we say are not exactly the type to sit around a conference table and make friendly chit chat let alone make any decisions. That's just not the faerie way. They are more like oooohhhhh the sugar in that bowl is kinda like sparkly when the sun beams hit it just the right way.....and then it kinda really looks like faerie dust so lets have a party :) Yay...that's more of what my days are like.

So I will give them credit where credit is due...they all got together and made a decision. And in a very quiet voice she says....but you should have seen the mess afterwards! I swear there were more tea dishes to wash and have you ever tried to get faerie dust off of a teacup that has dried tea drops covered in faerie dust? Lets just say I had the sparkliest dish water ever seen.

Now, onto the decision. Again since I seem to do an awful lot of complaining when it comes to this whole faerie dust situation the faeries thought that maybe they should help me out. Don't really think they understood the whole thing since in retrospect it is them making the mess...but never appointment has been made.

Earlier on in the week the faeries whispered that they had thought that the nursery required a 'Keeper of the Faerie Dust'. Woo Hoo.....finally I will get some help around here (oops...did I say that out loud...I will pay for that I just know it!).

A Keeper of the Faerie Dust what a wonderful title and what a most difficult position that will be. If I can't control these silly ole faeries who can?

I really didn't know how you would go about appointing a faerie to an actual position but they decided it would be best to have a member of the Clay Potters take on the job. As the Clay Potters are a permanent fixture here in the nursery that certainly made perfect sense to me as most of the wee faeries here are either on a stopover or just trying to figure out where they would like to move to.

So yesterday I came down to the nursery to find MORE faerie dust but this time it was different, it wasn't EVERYWHERE? There on the table was a 'pile' of blue faerie dust?? This in itself was very odd for these tricksters. What fun is there in making just a pile of faerie dust? But there was a message waiting there for me. Wow, the faeries had made me a note during the night and so not to miss it they left me this....

And here she is.....I would like you all to meet Sapphire the Pixie our newly appointed Keeper of the Faerie Dust. Congratulations Sapphire :)