Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Silence is an Invaluable Commodity

the definition of monotonous is when it takes 3 hours to drive from one community to the next. now imagine this time period with no wifi or radio and on the sounds of the vehicle beneath you. now picture yourself when all you can see and feel is a black velvet curtain backdrop (even when the sun shines through the windows) that leaves you in a vacuum. well, not really just in a lonely vacuum.

with noise bombarding around 24/7 it pulls you into a blurred facade of what is now considered peacefulness so even when you think you are alone even though you never are. through what is now call the *iCloud, technology has reached out and taken away the mute button and replaced it with a continuous loop of sound. when you find yourself within the confines of a carriage (or whichever mode of transportation you find yourself in) and with headphones on there is still that inaudible muffled sound coming from an *iPod playing music or podcasts, or from the tv on the back of a headrest playing cartoons which is now considered the norm for silence. though truth be told that even this type of quietness creates a bond of togetherness. mind you this aloneness does let one finish knitting that baby bonnet or reading a chapter or two from that book left on the nightstand collecting dust.

in conclusion in today's society it takes a conscious effort to be enveloped in the quietness that when the air that you breathe creates a solemn stillness of tranquility.