Sunday, June 17, 2012

Teacup Nurseries

Well I attempted my first Teacup Nursery today and there were many lessons learned.

1. Need to learn how to eyeball the amount of floral foam that it takes to fill a teacup!
2. Loose moss goes everywhere!
3. Need things to add to the nursery!

Things I have bought today for the nurseries:

1. More houses.
2. More moss.
3. Railroad moss.
4. Mulberry flowers.
5. Butterflies.
6. Polymer flowers.
7. Polymer faeries.
8. Railroad trees.

These were definitely fun and easy. Definitely need to do a few things differently the next time around that's for sure. The moss needs to be adhered somehow. Thinking that I will pre-glue it onto a piece of regular copy paper that way all the wires for the decorations can easily poke through it. I would like to have different critters then just bunnies but at the moment can't think what else? Can't wait to see the little faeries. Depending on how they look will completely change the look as I will no longer be adding the little houses and it will just be a wee little faerie in a flower garden (technically still a nursery though).