Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Massive New Way of Blog Posting

Well, as the countdown continues to tick tock, tick tock away on the closing date (Friday, August 22, 2014 at exactly 9:48 p.m. Mountain Standard Time) of the company's Facebook page, I am busy scrambling to get all I need/want transferred over to this page and to the website.

But all the while working on this massive project I have come up with a completely new writing style! I my writing style itself is an complete enigma that no one has ever seen or probably ever want to see again. But this is a totally new way of writing and now a totally new me!

Are you ready? Really, you need to be ready! I'm not joking really do need to sit down, make yourself comfortable, perhaps grab a juice box and even a blankie if you feel the need for never could be a completely freezing day and one or more of you might need a blankie...and on those occasions please do make yourself a cup of tea..or even a cup of hot know the kind that has those wee marshmallows in it (you know the ones that are completely rock hard and so tiny that you can barely see them in the canister??)...sorry back onto the  topic...are you ready to see the NEW me...well not really a new on earth could you ever replace me (okay...all of you hecklers in the back row...stop that nonsense all know that I am completely irreplaceable and for only the good reasons too!!). Gesh (as references in the Urban Dictionary: as raw talent, those that are deemed (note a spelling error on the their insertion of this definition as it should of read deem and not deam) to have or hold the status of Gesh are ready for anything, primed to explode and never ever die)...another long ramble to just to say something so simple..

Now once you get through all of that mumbo jumbo....I have tried my best not to use the NEW writing style of the NEW me (please read the above definition in regards to the explanation of the word ME).

And here it is...***(please note the FOOTNOTE listed below)

I have decided to add a new '...' (meaning the phase of 'dot, dot, dot') (please note that there will be no ' ' following or after the '...' ) set of brackets (this style '('  along with the word  'insert' (note again, there will be no  ' '  in the actual new comment style) followed by an adjective or verb (this will completely be written as required) (granted that I really don't know the difference between the two) followed by a 'comment' (again, see the definition of   ' '  ) and then followed by the word 'here' (again please note the explanation of  '  ' in the aforementioned definition) (again...please read this whole paragraph so you know all of the words and punctuation definitions.. okay fine, I never did give you the definition of the word here it is...according to the Urban Dictionary...Punctuation is a key part of everyday writing. Often times punctuation is critically lacking online. Not to mention spelling.) (yes, I know I really don't know how to use such a thing as punctation as it would really cramp my writing style thingy especially online, perhaps even using this Blog and writeup as an example??) and then followed by this final bracket (this style ')'.

And well ummm...hmmm that was it ... (insert an OMG here) you made me read through all of that nonsense to just get to this ... (insert an I'm sorry comment here).

But whole vocabulary of how I write ... (insert a YAY! here) *(insert the FOOTNOTE listed below)...will be completely changed *(see the FOOTNOTE listed below)... I know it will ... (insert a I certainly hope so here).

Thanks for the visit *(see FOOTNOTE below) *(please note that this first set of '...' {please note the meaning of the '...' in one of the first paragraphs})  ... (insert a ** (please note the second FOOTNOTE listed below) smiley face here).


* Please do not be confused when I write '...' (for the last time * (please note this actual * FOOTNOTE)...there will be no ' ' space before or after the '...' in these instances.

** Aren't you excited? *(please note the above FOOTNOTE) '... ' (please see the definition of ' ' the use of this type of punctuation) please see ** (please see the beginning of this actual idea of this whole excited blog posting ... (insert a ? {poorly use of a punctuation}and a ! {again poorly use of a punctuation) here).

***Please note the lack of explanations of the first few paragraphs of grammar (please note the correct way of spelling grammar compared to the spelling of gammer written in the Urban Dictionary) and punctuation (please see the definition of punctuation in the above FOOTNOTE designation as **) as I am trying to show you the new style of writing compared the current/old style of writing.