Thursday, May 17, 2012

Newest News from the Nursery

It has been a week of getting little things done that don't really seem to amount to much but still they need to be done.

Check list:

Order new paper cutter. I figured the nursery needed a paper cutter of its own so I could cut out the new guardian ship papers and all of the little cards that go with an order. Note to self....paper cutters are sharp! Figured I had it all under control with just two little bandaids and a larger on top until I bent my fingers down. Next step off to find hubby to assist with stopping the bleeding. I hadn't even cut one piece of paper and I was banned from using the new paper cutter for almost a week! Back to normal now, good scars mind you....but I have developed a good working relationship with my new paper cutter (it was a wee bit tense there for awhile).

Order new business cards. Yes, this is now my third set of business cards. Now that the Faerie Nursery has an official logo and font and website I have now attempted hopefully my last for awhile order of new business cards. Just got my notification from Vista Print that they have been placed in the post :)

Order a new monitor for the iMac. My computer screen has now developed the most annoying mind you pretty coloured lines on it. While the lines themselves are quite attractive and make the coolest of designs I have finally broken down and ordered a new stand alone monitor so I can see things a bit better. On a side note, I ordered the new monitor from the same place I got the new paper cutter from. I was ensured that there would be NO sharp corners on the new monitor. 

Business meeting with 'secret partner' Debora. We had another awesome brainstorming session earlier on this week. A new work schedule has been developed so we can get a good handle on hopefully a VERY successful upcoming Christmas season. 

Etsy, who would have thought that there was sooo much to do behind setting up an Etsy Shop. Almost done though and should be able to place my first faeries on this weekend.

Website is up and running and a big thank you goes out to Shawn. There are still a few tweaks that we find but only stuff that is behind the scenes. I think it looks fantabulous myself. 

Doors are now being drawn out. As I am unable to actually cut out the doors, hubby dearest will be doing this daunting task for me (as from above, me and sharp objects do not get along that well). With it being the long weekend this will be a great time for the doors to be cut as it will allow me to do the sanding when it is nice out. 

Order new miniatures. We have decided to allow the customer to customize their kit when ordering a faerie, door and trinket chest. As getting these new miniatures in take added time to new guardians receiving their faeries, we have decided to preempt and order a few things ahead of time. The trinket chests themselves will not have any products removed or substituted out but these specialized items will come in their own wee little paper bag for you to give to your faerie.

Accounting books are always a daunting task but I have been able to keep things in line and am completing my log entries once a week. The paperwork behind a company is always the must UN-FUN part of it all. 

Packing boxes, we are in the process of ordering new packing boxes as we never thought beyond our faeries! There will now be boxes available for shipping out doors, faeries and trinket chests both in the gift box style for local purchases and in the corrugated cardboard for mailing. There will also be shipping boxes for the teacups and faeries together as well. 

So as you can see, lots has been done over the last week or so but only the stuff that is behind the scenes. 

The nursery staff will be doing another walk soon to see if there are any new seed pods that need to be collected...that's the FUN part :)