Friday, December 7, 2012

And the Mystery Continues?

A bit a go, I had a mishap with the nursery. Yes, actually I think you could call it a complete disaster!!

It seems that when left alone too long....well let's just say, Faeries will be Faeries. Figure that should sum everything up just nicely.

This was a posting that I made on my Facebook page Faerie Nursery Facebook

Oh Oh!! The Faerie Nursery has been found in such a disarray that I don't even know where to start! There seems to be faerie dust EVERYWHERE! Even the dust bunnies are covered in faerie dust! How does that happen?? So while having to make some rhyme or reason out of everything that had happened, I heard the little faeries laughing and they were calling me the strangest name? Once they finally calmed down I was able to figure out what they were trying to say. According to the faeries, they have decided that I am to be blessed with a new name. It was actually quite the event....with faerie dust everywhere (I feel so bad...I sneezed half way through...I couldn't help myself...thankfully they just giggled even more!), I am now to introduce myself as Faerie Amma. So to all of my wonderful the new me... Faerie Amma :)

Well since then...there has been no stopping these wee little critters from doing just what they want to do! I have no say in anything anymore. They have COMPLETELY taken over. 

Rumour has it now that there is going to be a new group of friends joining us here at the nursery? Now, granted this has only been whispers and mumblings but I, myself believe it to be true. 

The Faeries have decided that it is time to start a book on their adventures that they have been having (and will have....I can't imagine what else they could possibly get into). So with that being said, the new faeries should be arriving I figure before Christmas! I know, how could that be? With the holiday season being as busy as it can I get ready for even MORE guests in the nursery?

So now I have done what I have been told to do.....the mystery still alludes me but each day brings more information to light. As I find out more...I will stay in touch and let you know what I find out. 

Faerie Amma