Friday, June 5, 2015

The Twisted Dance

Isn't it strange how a twisted dance step that was scribbled on a dirty napkin has not become a choreographed dance step all the way down to the contorted expression found painted on ones face.

a dance step.....

  • ballet as a furry of arms and legs running wildly across the stage?
  • opera as a dramatic mad scene riled with insanity?
  • stage as a death scene portrayed in a Shakespearean? 
  • musical as a full body movement?
  • broadway as a team of singers, dancers and actors?
  • television as a multi-dimensional experience?
  • radio as a command of voice for your feet?
  • theatre as a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual practice?
  • ceremony as a performance found behind a mask?

or perhaps just a dream that happened to be scribbled on a dirty napkin?