Friday, October 19, 2012

Faerie Star and her Castle Teacup Nursery

I got these little bowls from a friend that was moving away. Now I know that they are not teacups in the traditional way but they were just too beautiful to not buy.

I had already made Faerie Star a few days ago and posted her on Flickr. As she was not yet listed on Etsy, I started to look around the Nursery to see if there was a way to make her into a Christmas themed faerie so she could fall under the Holiday Collection title.

I have sitting on my painting table, along the back wall, a row of teacups just waiting to be made into nurseries. There at the very end were 4 bowls stacked up all by themselves. I took a look at Star and thought, yes, she should have a nursery.

Now as these bowls have a bit larger top I thought the new faerie castles might just fit on there nicely. And, sure enough. In a matter of minutes I had gathered up mushrooms, flowers, trees and all these little goodies I thought would work well. Once I started to put things together, I knew that there just had to be another little moat. As the only black fimo flower I had, had a orange tinged centre, I pulled out an orange coloured swan. This nursery is even more special as I added 3 of my favourite things, cattails. So now surrounding the pond are the cattails. I love how they make the scene look so real.