Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Expedition of a Faerie Prince!

It is always such a privilege when I find out that one of my wee faeries has been picked for an Etsy Treasury.

I was sent an email yesterday informing me that Faerie Prince Cameron has made the front page! Such exciting news for such a wee little guy.

This is his story...

Faerie Prince Cameron is somewhat of a mystery here in the nursery. he showed up on a clear and sunny day this winter, which really isn't a strange occurrence but it is when he had brought with him that leaves us all wondering how on earth he found this far-away northern nursery. In his acorn basket, Prince Cameron is carrying an Amber Drop Cone which after doing our homework, we found out comes from the Pacific Northwest of the United States? He has flown a long long long way to arrive here in our nursery.

He is sporting a soft silver coloured body with a rich olive green coloured cotton floss. Matching silvery translucent wings, an acorn cap and basket made from an acorn top with an amber drop cone nestled inside.

I would like to thank Annafaerie for her Treasury of True Fairy #940. Interesting gifts for different occasions. 

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