Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cybr Trayd

I love this title. My final package of the day (yes it was a parcel day for sure)....came from a company called Cybr Trayd (ebay).

This package contained 3 of the 4 soap molds and some sparkly powders for our soap.

I am not sure exactly what happened to the 4th tray but an inquiry has been sent in.

But these are the ones I received today...

The Honey Bee (for Christmas 2012)

The Partridge in a Pear Tree .... the Pear

And for the Sugarplum Faerie...there are actually 4 designs on this mold tray (hard to take a picture of clear plastic)

The mold that is missing is for the Nutcracker Prince. I will keep you posted on its status. 

The final part of this parcel is the sparkly stuff :)

It is called Shimmering Lustre to give soap a festive shine! I thought that it would be a nice touch for the Faeries and who knows....just might go crazy and use it for all of them! I purchased the gold and pearl colours. 

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