Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crazy for Beads

Well this blog will cover both projects that require beads --- the Wine Glass Charms and the Sugarplum Faerie Pendants.

I purchased some beading matts. These ones are made of foam and not the tacky ones that I originally wanted. I will have to wait to see how well they work.

I ordered new beads for the Wine Glass Charms in a 4mm size as I found the seed beads just a bit too small. I am extremely happy with colours I got and have now placed another order for more of the same. 


Jump rings....lots and lots of jump rings. As these are needed to attach the Wine Glass Charms to the wires and also they are needed to attach the Sugarplum Faerie Pendant to the bead charm holder. It is hard to tell in these photos but one set is matte and the other set very shiny. 

And finally, I ordered a longer length of beading nails and ended up ordering the eye type instead of the flat head! Oh well, the correct ones have now been ordered. 

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