Friday, April 6, 2012

Wee baby faeries

The nursery has been pretty quiet over the past few weeks as the care takers are on the mend from not feeling so well. Not wanting to pass anything onto the faeries that are staying here at the nursery it was decided to just close the doors for a bit and let everyone have a quiet nap.

As there is lots of snow still on the ground and flurries still in the air, all the faeries at the nursery seemed to be quite thankful for a nice warm place to stay.

But there has been activity of recent. A whole new batch of flower petals have arrived in the mail along with fantastic coloured wires for baby faerie stems.

As we have found here at the nursery, new borns love the quiet down time. And just as the proof is in the pudding, we have new batch of baby faeries on the go.

These little ones will have their stems wrapped in matching or maybe contrasting floral tape. They will be gently placed into a dried seed pod and then wrapped in a blanket of moss. 

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