Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A lucky glance through the pages..

Earlier on in the month while we were in Hay River for a dental appointment we had decided to stay a bit longer and eat supper before we left for home. While waiting for my salad, I picked up a copy of the Fort Smith Northern Journal, our local newspaper. Since I had stopped working there a few years back to be honest, unless I have purchased an advert in the paper, I haven't purchased a copy since. If I have brought one home, it was because someone had given me their copy....I'm just not a news kinda of gal.....I think, I'm like a mushroom, I like being in the dark...the world is really a scary place and, well for what I do for a daytime job....working in a faerie nursery....it is best that I continue to live in my make-believe world!

Sorry...back on topic...so one of the Northern Journal's largest issues is the Songbook one. It is all about Christmas with song lyrics being printed out and all of the advertising being holiday themed. It is by far, their best issue.

So on page three, there is always the Editorial, the Archives and a few random photos of community events....

And there it was...I was barely even paying attention (and in case you were all wondering...no, it wasn't me that was spaced out on freezing...my husband just finished having a crown replaced...and he never has freezing, even during a root canal!! That is just WEIRD!)....

Sorry...back on topic....there...the inside picture....it wasn't even the main topic of the photo...but it was in the photo.....

My entry for the Festival of Trees....isn't she pretty....all purply and twisty and curvy and and and and....yeah!!  

Northern Journal - Songbook Edition - page 3 - December 3, 2013  Vol. 37 No. 31

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