Sunday, July 3, 2011

The gift bag so far - The Sugarplum Faerie

1. 6 Faerie Wine Glass Charms
2. Sugarplum Faerie Rubber Duckie
3. Faerie 'Pez' Candy Dispenser
4. Sugarplum Faerie Pendant
5. Package of Sugarplum Tomato Seeds
6. Hand-cross-stitched Sugarplum Faerie Bookmark
7. Hand-made Sugarplum Faerie Doll
8. Hand-made Sugarplum Scented/Faerie Shaped Glycerine Soap
9. Hand-made Gift Bag (not yet made!!)

I am looking into a small package of sugarplum flavoured tea leaves.

So.....anything else?

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