Sunday, July 3, 2011

Things To Finish...Things Done

Things to Finish

1. Glycerine soaps
2. Put on corded chains for pendants (still in the mail)
3. Make gift bags (wait until everything is collected for size measurements)
4. Order tea leaves, coffee beans, bags of mixed nuts, usable nutcrackers
5. Continue looking into wrapped candies
6. Get feedback on nail decals
7. Finish bookmarks
8. Sugarplum Faerie dolls
9. Order embossing plate

Things Done

1. Hand-knitted partridges in nests
2. Yellow pear pendants
3. Sugarplum Faerie pendants
4. Business cards (in the mail)
5. Wine Glass Charms
6. Business ornament/charms display cards
7. All packaging materials - eggplant, white and antique gold colours

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