Sunday, September 9, 2012

Burning Up the Nursery?

I was trying to figure out how to make sure that my wee little doors and the trinket chests could be recognized as being done by me.

The Flower Petal Faeries were easy, on the very bottom petticoat layer, I have hand written in the nurseries initials, the year and the faerie's name.

All of the packaging was easy as I just ordered rubber stamps with the company full name and the logo. So everything paper gets stamped.

Now back to the wood products! My husband suggested looking into some type of branding iron?? Off to the good ole internet I went. I made contact with Brand New Industries Inc. and with the help of Alyssa, I approved a branding plate. It took a bit to figure out exactly which branding iron would suit my purposes the best (in case I ever wanted to get a plate made with the company name on it).

But here is the final product. A big thank you goes out to my husband who was kind enough to do all of the branding for me....that is 80 faerie doors and 60 trinket chests (yes, more on their way in the mail).

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