Sunday, September 9, 2012

Summer Time

I have had a difficult time coming up with different ideas for my 'summer' item in the larger Faerie Suites.

Each trinket chest currently has a pair of flip flops, an envelope, a parcel and three packages of seeds but I have always added a decoration of some type. This has ranged all the way from a single flower, a bird house, a watering can ... well you get the idea, something summery.

I have seen so many different things on Etsy but unfortunately when you start to multiply the costs and how many I would need, it just makes it too expensive.

I have always loved those wee little door signs that you can get. They come in all different sizes and shapes and colours and themes....

So, I figured I was just going to play today to see if I could come up with something myself with products I already have in the nursery.

These aren't perfect by any means but I think they actually ended up quite cute. They will fit nicely in the trinket chest and look wonderful hanging on the doors.

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