Monday, September 17, 2012

Mail Day .... Limited Editions Goodies :)

Mail day today at the nursery....and what fun goodies I received :)

I have been busy trying to finish up my ordering products for this year and so what comes in the mail is either last little bits that I need to finish off the trinkets chest (mainly due to being just the few items shy to complete all 80 of them).

I have also been having fun getting a few extra things for the 'Limited Editions' of the Faerie Suites. By the way... I LOVE that title. Don't ask me why I was awake at 4:00 a.m. the other morning but that is when the name came to me...and I LOVE IT! As each of these little doors truly are limited since I may never be able to get the products again. Guess that makes them pretty special too! Back on topic here, I was saying, ordering just the miniatures that I think will fit with the themes I already have created on Etsy and on the website.

For example....

The Teacher, I love the little stems on the apples :)

The Connoisseur, empty wine glasses and filled glasses of champagne :)

And Coffee Time! You will have your choice of glazed, glazed with sprinkles or an old fashioned.

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