Monday, September 17, 2012

The In-between List of Things To Do!!

Flower Petal Faeries.....I need to make, lets see....minus the ones that I already listed on Etsy and the few I have sitting here waiting to be named...that leaves me....a mere 237 left to make!!

Teacup Nurseries....there are about 15 that need to be made with their matching faeries. As well, Alyssa is working on the 'how to' instructions for those that are sold as DIY kits. 

Faerie Seed Pod Babies....with all of the wonderful new coloured rose flower heads that came in the mail a week or so ago....need to get making a few of those as well.

What else could there be....

What?? Isn't that enough to do?? I'm sure lots of little things will sneak up on me that I will be saying, Oh Yeah, I have to do that too!!  

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