Sunday, September 9, 2012

New Babies Have Arrived, Well Kinda...

After finally putting my Faerie Seed Pod Babies listing up on my Etsy store front I decided that I really didn't have that much of section to chose from.

So, I went back to main supplier of rose flower heads and was trying to decide what colours to order. They have such a wonderful selection of multicoloured and single toned flowers to choose from it's amazing.

In the end after almost placing my order for 4 packages of 25 each, I found after scrolling to the VERY bottom of the page, that they offered 2 types of mixed packages. Woo Hoo!! Mind you, each package came with 100 rose heads and that's a whole lot of babies that would have to be made and SOLD. The two types that they offered were of course the single toned and then the multicoloured ones. After thinking about it for what...maybe a whole 2 minutes, I purchased both.

I ended up with only 1 of the original 4 kinds that I was going to order but I love my selection now.

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