Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Quiet Voice That Demands (Needs) To Be Heard

Hello followers of this blog and my Facebook Faeries...

I need you all to know that I am okay. I am still here and that I am still actively promoting my nursery but through other means.

I am still VERY hurt over the Facebook blocking more than I had ever thought I would be. My pride, my company, my heart and my soul were put out there for all to see everyday since creating this Facebook page. It had become my life where I devoted hours every day trying to be seen. Trying to be found in amongst millions upon millions (over 500,000,000 million as of October 3, 2013) of pages.

I will continue to keep my vow of silence until I feel that I am ready to bear my soul for all to see. It truly is like being naked (am I allowed to use that word or will it shut me down again) (is someone going to find it disgraceful, rude, explicit or hurtful).....guess I had best watch my wording.....continue to be open to the public for viewing.

I have been very active on my Twitter and Instagram (which are directly linked to my Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Facebook pages). I have opted not to post these little snippets to Facebook.....well because frankly......I can't see the point of it right now.

I wil be back......I will at least be posting my 'Thought of the Day' starting tomorrow (Monday, July 21, 2014) but other than that......I will not allow anyone to see the pain I'm feeling....Happy thoughts.....Happy thoughts.

I am staying on top of other postings......following a few and even commenting on a couple that are from my personal page only. Those are family and friends that are the closest to me and really have their best intentions and well wishes for me. Not to hurt those few 'real' people in the cyber world and I am happy and blessed to call as my wee Faerie Nursery friends. To those, I am truly sorry for my silence but please be patient, I need a bit more time to heal.

If you do have links to the following groups, I do encourage you to follow the continued antics of the the blister with the Superman bandaid, the mew mew who thinks that the best place in the house to on a bed made of flowers...

I am really sorry for this silence and I hope that you will understand the reasoning behind it.

On one further note, to my 2764 (fans, followers, friends) of right now, I will no longer be participating in any of the other group more ladders, no more hoping that I can be seen on another page by spending hours upon hours on the computer for what.......more faces that will never look twice at my page and press the button that says 'unfollow'. I will now dedicate my time to you, to those of you that take the time to read postings like this. To those of you who know what I must be going through. To those of you that understand, my page is about a Faerie Nursery......what is so offensive about that??

Yes, I hurt like crazy......and as the tears now start to roll again.....this is all for me today.

Here are the links again to my social media sites that at least don't ban wee Faeries that just want to spread some Faerie Dust to make everyone's day just the little bit more sparkly.


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