Monday, January 27, 2014

The New Sophisticated Look

Yay! My rubber stamp order came in from Custom Stamp & Engraving Ltd.

These stamps are mainly for the packaging of the Northern Faerie Line. I wanted to keep this box clean, simple but sophisticated. I am not sure if I will re-order the Kraft Pinstripe style of boxes or whether I will go with a colour and I haven't really done much research yet but will definitely need to decide soon.

The smaller Generation 1 faeries have a cubed box that is 4x4x4 inches in diameter. I have always put my company name and the larger icon stamp around the outside. On the top of the lid, there are 4 jewelled flat back gems and then it is tied off with two strands of raffia (purple and gold {the gold was one of my original colours for the company until I changed it to green as gold was too hard to find in tissue paper and other packaging items}). I loved the fun look to this style of packaging.

The original packaging for the Northern Faerie Line was quite similar to the smaller Generation 1 style. The box of course is larger being 4x4x6 inches in size. I did not include tying it off with raffia though.

The Northern Faerie Line has a more grown-up look and feel to it. As these faeries are being promoted as collectables - collect the whole line idea - I wanted boxes that looked the part. I'm very happy with the outcome.

Now, I have had to blur out some of the wording as those faeries have not yet been released. The winner of the Northern Faerie for being my 1000th visitor to 'like' my Facebook page did choose a faerie that will not be released until the end of the year and this is her packaging.

So, what do you think??




The new stamps with everyone's names :)

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